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Find Your Way in the Forest with new Ordnance Survey National Forest Map

Tuesday, 16th September 2008

Find Your Way in the Forest with new Ordnance Survey National Forest Map

A new Ordnance Survey map has just been published which charts in full the latest developments in The National Forest.

It marks the increase in woodland since the previous 2005 edition of the map from 16% to nearly 18% over the 200 square miles of the Forest.  New parking points and attractions are marked, and, thanks to aerial photography techniques, trails are picked out through some of the earlier planted woodlands as the trees are growing.

New open access land and definitive rights of way are marked, along with other notable additions to the Forest landscape such as new wetland habitats. 

Simon Evans, Chief Officer, Land Use, for the National Forest Company said: “We are particularly pleased with this updated map of The National Forest area. Perhaps more than anywhere in the country, the landscape here is constantly changing.  When the creation of the Forest began in the early 1990s the woodland cover was a meagre 6%: now at nearly 18%, the map is certainly a lot greener.

“Around 80% of new woodland sites in The National Forest have public access, and this new map will help people to have more confidence in where they can walk and enjoy the Forest, find a quiet spot to picnic or watch the wildlife, and generally recharge their batteries.”

This is the fourth edition of the National Forest map, no. 245 in the Ordnance Survey Explorer series.  It can be purchased online for £8.50 (inc p&p) through the National Forest Company giftshop at  email or tel: 01283 551211.