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Alliance & Leicester Maple Woodland

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Alliance & Leicester plc, the National Forest Company and the Forestry Commission joined forces to create new woodland at Staunton Harold in Leicestershire.

During 2002/3 Alliance & Leicester carried out a major branch refurbishment programme across its UK network of 300 branches, which involved extensive use of maple veneer. Therefore, the bank has donated £100,000 to the National Forest Company to replace, symbolically, the wood used for veneer in the refurbishment programme.

Alliance & Leicester staff planting trees at Stauton Harold

Unusually, almost half of the site will be left primarily as open parkland. This is in keeping with the character of the surrounding area and will provide the opportunity for a large number of feature trees to be planted. These will include a number of attractive maples, including silver maple and sugar maple, from which the delicious maple syrup is made.

John Windeler, Alliance & Leicester Chairman said:
“Alliance & Leicester recognises that it has a responsibility to act in a way that respects the environment. Our work with the National Forest Company is a practical example of this recognition and enables us to make a tangible contribution towards replenishing the materials used in our recent branch refurbishment programme. We are pleased to be supporting the National Forest Company.”

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