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COBA Flooring is the specialist commercial entrance matting division of the globally successful COBA International group of manufacturing and distribution businesses headquartered in Fleckney, Leicestershire.

A British manufacturer with a heritage dating back to 1966, COBA Flooring’s core product range includes custom-made entrance matting systems as well as ‘off-the-shelf’ options such as those in the environmentally-friendly, Premier Entrance Tile range.

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In 2015, COBA Flooring made a pledge to plant trees in its ‘Forest Floor Initiative’ linked to sales of its Premier range. Following on from this, COBA now proudly joins the National Forest’s corporate supporters. This has been marked by the planting of 250 trees on the Nanpantan Road site.

"This is an excellent opportunity for us to support a local project, playing a small part in carving out a better future for our landscape, wildlife and for the community as a whole. As a local employer, we care about employees and the environment in which they, and their families, live. We also care about the impact our business activities have on the environment, and planting trees is just one initiative to help reduce our carbon footprint. It's such a worthwhile project and we are proud to be associated with it," says Chris Stanley, Sales Director, COBA Flooring.

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