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Chris Harvey, ECA and Carol Rowntree Jones, NFC, revisit the ECA's young woodland

Centenary Celebration

Loughborough-based Electrical Contractors Association (East Midlands region) celebrated their centenary with the planting of 500 trees at a Leicestershire site in the Forest. The location was particularly appropriate for the electrical installation industry, as it is adjacent to an electricity sub-station and is traversed by no fewer than 3 overhead power lines!

In addition to planting trees, the ECA presented a cheque for £5000 to the National Forest Company to fund the celebratory tree-planting. Welcoming the ECA contribution, The National Forest Company said: 'We would like to thank the ECA and its members for the pleasure that this donation will give for many years to come. It is an imaginative way for the Association to celebrate its Centenary.'

'This is a very positive and permanent way to celebrate not only our first 100 years but also our future," said Chris Harvey, Regional Manager of ECA East Midlands. "The National Forest is transforming an area that has been badly scarred by past mineral quarrying and that is also one of the least wooded areas in the country. We are very pleased to contribute to this project."

ECA return to the woodland in September 2004

In September 2004 Chris Harvey, Regional Manager, ECA, revisited the woodland. Nearly two years after planting what appeared to be little twigs in a bare muddy field, Chris was delighted to see how the young trees are flourishing. An added bonus to the day was the sight of a kestrel hovering over the young woodland.

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