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The Environment Agency got to the root of climate change in March 2007 when they joined forces with The National Forest to plant 650 trees. A team of approximately 20 volunteers helped to plant the native broad-leaved trees at a National Forest site in Ibstock. The trees will offset the miles travelled on business by their staff in the Lower Trent area.

Mark Haslam, an Environment Manager for Leicestershire and the Soar Valley said;
”I am thrilled that we are planting these trees at Ibstock to help reduce our carbon footprint. We all cause carbon dioxide emissions by burning fossil fuels: oil, coal and natural gas for heating and through the use of oil based fuel for travel.”

“At the Environment Agency all our offices are supplied with green electricity which is sourced from renewable energy such as Wind Power, or Hydroelectric Power. Therefore our major impact is through business travel, which is why we are taking a major step to reduce and offset this.”

“All business mileage undertaken in the Environment Agency is monitored which enabled the total carbon footprint of our patch to be calculated. We want to set a challenge to others and basically say if we can do it so can you.”

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