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Eursap is an IT Recruitment Agency, specialised in recruiting experts within the SAP software field. As part of Eursap's CSR policy they have pledged to plant a tree in The National Forest for every SAP Consultant that they successfully place. Where once there was a predominantly industrial landscape on former coalfields now, tree by tree and woodland by woodland, a vast new forest is growing. As Eursap's business continues to grow, so does the forest whilst at the same time helping to offset the carbon footprint of their SAP Consultants.

Young and Mature trees

As part of their long-term partnership with The National Forest, Eursap will be planting 1 hectare of new forest (2000 new trees) this year at the Nanpantan road site: The creation of groves and woodland compartments will enable us to create a mosaic of habitats including woodland, parkland, grassland and wild flower meadow that will greatly enhance the site’s value for wildlife.

Joan Ellen, Managing Director of Eursap, comments:

"Eursap is an ethical company with a great respect for the environment; we take pride and pleasure in our partnership with the National Forest Company. In addition to helping to offset the carbon footprint of our IT contractors, we are playing an active part in sustainability and making a real contribution towards the environment, not only in the short-term, but also for future generations. As our company continues to grow, so will our contribution and efforts towards becoming the leading environmentally-responsible IT recruitment agency."

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