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Holland & Barrett is creating 4 hectares of new Forest at Nanpantan.

Holland & Barrett, Europe's leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements is sponsoring new forest creation to complement their business wide environmental project 'Plan-It Green'.

Their stores are a familiar sight in almost every major city and town across the United Kingdom and Ireland, and throughout their history Holland & Barrett have supported the manufacture and supply of products which help protect the world's natural resources and habitats. They are also recognised as a key sponsor of the successful re-introduction of the blue butterfly in Britain.

In 2010 they were the first national retailer to commit to having no plastic bags in store.

Holland and Barrett Tree Planting

Lysa Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer for NBTY Europe (Holland & Barrett parent company) said:

"With our headquarters in Nuneaton and distribution centre in The National Forest at Burton upon Trent, thousands of our staff members have this wonderful resource of The National Forest on their doorstep. For us as a national company, we are excited to be part of the visionary work of the Forest, and the impact it has on people and the environment."

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