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Since 1757 James Latham has developed as a leading importer and distributor of joinery quality softwood, hardwood, hardwood flooring and wood-based sheet materials and the company supplies a wide range of products and services to its customers from a network of depots across the country.

James Latham has always recognised the importance of environmental considerations and believes timber and wood products, when managed through best practice, to be the ultimate sustainable and recyclable material. Over the next three years the company is pleased to support the creation and management of three hectares of new forest at Nanpantan, in the National Forest.

Chris Sutton Tree Planting

James Latham supports the policies adopted by Forests Forever which helps to safeguard the forests of the world by encouraging improved forest management, responsible trading and the promotion of the positive environmental aspects of using timber.

Chris Sutton, Managing Director of James Latham commented, "There is a real synergy in our partnership with the National Forest Company, created out of shared values. They have planted over 8 million trees in central England, alongside other forest habitats and have an ambitious management programme in place to ensure multiple environmental, economic and social benefits. That's good for us and for generations to come. "

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