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Quantum Clothing Group Limited

Quantum Clothing Group Limited

Quantum Clothing are a clothing manufacturer who have many sites around the world.

To build on their own environmental and corporate social responsibility they joined forces with The National Forest Company to plant 1,300 trees at Poppy Wood in Melbourne, Derbyshire.

Carl Pate of Quantum Clothing said: "We are very aware of our environmental impact and wanted to find a way to mitigate it in a manner that did not just appear to be an easing of conscience with an anonymous donation. With the National Forest we were able to really get people involved in the process and to start to raise the awareness and profile of our wide-ranging campaign to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Today’s event was a great start to that campaign and everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the morning, where we planted the first 100 trees out of our commitment to plant 1,300 trees this year".

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Leah Graham, Fundraising & Development Officer

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