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Building a new landscape from scratch is a long-term project – and Rolls-Royce understand long-term projects!

This successful partnership has grown and strengthened because of a mutual determination to improve the lives and opportunities of young people through greater involvement in and understanding of the environment that surrounds them.

The Greenheart Lake

Opening of the Greenheart Lake at Roliston Forestry Centre, Part of The National Forest

Rolls-Royce’s initial sponsorship helped create a lake at Rosliston Forestry Centre in South Derbyshire, establishing a new wetland habitat to encourage wildlife to the area and making the centre more attractive for visitors.

The success of the lake project led Rolls-Royce to explore ways of continuing working together. They are now involved in an environmental education partnership project which works annually with many thousands of visitors, including school pupils and community groups.

They have also provided support in the form of printing educational materials, and have seconded an employee to work on the future development of the Rosliston Forestry Centre.

This partnership’s success is impressive. Rolls-Royce’s cash contribution has been less than £60,000 but has leveraged at least a further £167,000 cash and in-kind benefit to The National Forest.

The environmental education project has welcomed over 15,000 school pupils from more than 100 schools and has so far run events which have attracted a further 5,000 people.

The Foresteers project

Mini-beast hunting with the Environmental Education Project

As part of Rolls-Royce’s programme of community projects for trainees, their Naval Marine business sponsored a project to create curriculum materials to encourage schools to use their local woodlands as a resource for education.

A team of Rolls-Royce trainees based in Derby undertook research with schools across the area to find out why their local woodland areas were not being used. Teachers fed back ideas, which helped the team to produce a pack of materials that closely followed the national science curriculum.

The resource pack they created included a mix of games, puzzles and worksheets. For example, they produced ‘tree leaf spotter’ worksheets and identification booklets to help pupils discover the different trees and leaves found in their local woodland area.

The trainees designed the pack to be used in a range of formats, from fun activities and games through to formal lessons. Teaching staff weren’t left out either – the trainees supplied them with comprehensive teacher notes and guidelines.

The TREEmendous project

Another community project for trainees, this time sponsored by Rolls-Royce Airlines Operations business, took on the challenge of providing a recreational area for 9 to 13 year-olds at the Rosliston Forestry centre. The trainees spent 1,500 hours on the project to broaden its appeal to older children. This involved researching, designing and helping to build and test the play equipment which included an impressive aerial runway, scramble net, chain bridge and climbing centre.

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