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"We at Vitax continue to make progress towards our commitment to greener growth. As a business which has been closely involved with the UK gardening and horticulture market for over 100 years, we place a high priority on the value of protecting, nurturing and respecting the environment," said Paul Gooding, Chairman of Vitax.

Vitax at the Wood-Fair

"We are therefore delighted to have a long-term partnership with The National Forest, a forest in the making. Based as we are in the heart of The National Forest in Coalville, Vitax has supported the planting of thousands of trees to create new woodlands and is now the proud sponsor of The National Forest Wood Fair."

John Everitt, chief executive of the National Forest Company, says: "The relationships we build with our partners, like Vitax, are crucial to the continuing success of The National Forest."

"The National Forest Wood Fair brings together not just local talent but wood and timber specialists from across the UK as we celebrate this wonderful resource. Timber is the ultimate sustainable product providing wood fuel, timber for arts and crafts and enjoyment to people of all ages, proving that trees and woodlands add immeasurably to the richness of our lives."

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