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A Special Opportunity

Nanpantan Stone Wall

Our Nanpantan Road site is located in Charnwood, between the villages of Charley, Copt Oak and Woodhouse Eaves. Most recently this land was part of a dairy farm and used for grazing cattle, but once upon a time it was part of the ancient Charnwood hunting forest.

Surrounded by the beautiful Charnwood landscape of craggy hills, valley woodlands and open heaths, we want to return this part of the countryside to forest once again.

The location and landscape of the site has led us to take an unusual approach to tree planting. The creation of groves and woodland compartments will enable us to create a mosaic of habitats including woodland, parkland, grassland and wild flower meadow that will greatly enhance the site’s value for wildlife.

As the groves and compartments grow, the trees will frame vistas across the surrounding countryside and create interesting pathways that can be enjoyed by visitors to the site.

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