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Friends of The National Forest

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Tree by tree, woodland by woodland, a vast new forest is being created across the heart of the country, transforming the landscape into a place of beauty. By joining the Friends today, native broadleaf trees like oak, ash and silver birch will flourish in this area once more. Thanks to you, accessible woodlands teeming with wildlife will encourage everyone to reap health benefits and gain a sense of well-being from our beautiful countryside.

On becoming a Friend of The National Forest you will receive...

Young and mature trees

A personalised certificate expressing our gratitude and a tree will be planted in recognition of your support


A newsletter to keep you up to date with progress, stories and events in The Forest

Walking among new trees

An invitation every year to a special event for you and a friend a talk, walk, lecture or visit to a place of interest in The Forest.

This will take you to the National Forest Charitable Trust website where you can join the Friends of The National Forest.

Example Certificate

Example certificate for Friends of The National Forest

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The National Forest Charitable Trust

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Friends Office
The Gatehouse
Bath Yard, Moira
DE12 6BA

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+44 (1283) 208 592

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+44 (1283) 229 496

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