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Using The National Forest Logo

Many companies wishing to demonstrate a strong association with this nationally recognised green exemplar have already taken full advantage by incorporating our logo into their marketing materials.

We have several types of logo available, each illustrating differing levels of involvement with the Forest. Two examples of this are:

In The National Forest logo

Used by organisations based within The National Forest and available free of charge.

Supporting The National Forest logo

Used by organisations helping support the creation of the Forest financially.

Here's what two companies already using The National Forest logo have to say:

Paul Gilliver of Gilliver's, a business using the 'In' logo, said "Gilliver's is a longstanding business at the heart of The National Forest that attracts customers who enjoy the great outdoors. As such, we feel that we share a common goal with the National Forest Company and to use their logo alongside our new branding made perfect sense. Gilliver's is pleased to be associated with such a positive initiative."

Andrew Wilson, managing director of Wilson Vale said "Our head office is in the heart of The National Forest and we are rewarded by its impact every day. Supporting the development of the forest is a fantastic endorsement of our environmental strategy, as well as a tangible indication to our clients and prospective clients that we take our CSR responsibilities very seriously. Supporting the great work of The National Forest is a step towards a greener planet a more beautiful environment and one which we are delighted to be involved with." Wilson Vale participates in our Business Benefits scheme and is therefore eligible to use the 'Supporting' logo.


Then please contact the logo administrator, Louise Insley, who will be happy to advise on the different types of logos available and give advice on our very simple logo licensing system.

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