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Plant a Tree Questions

When will I get my certificate?

You will create your certificate as part of the online purchasing process and, following payment, will be prompted to download your certificate. You will also receive an automated email afterwards which contains a further link to download/save your certificate.

We appreciate blips do happen though, so if you forget to download your certificate at checkout donít worry, you will be able to use the link in the automated email. However, if you forget to download at checkout and you donít receive an email, first check your Junk Mail folder. If the email hasnít been diverted to your Junk Mail folder please get in touch, by emailing or telephone 01283 551211 during office hours, Monday to Friday.

Who gets invited to the planting?

Anyone who has purchased a Plant a Tree, and selected ĎYesí to receive an invitation when purchasing, will be invited to an event. You are welcome to bring along one or two of your family or friends but, because of limited parking at the planting site, numbers are restricted to one car per tree purchased. We encourage you to car share where possible.

When will I receive my invitation?

Invitations are sent out 3 to 4 weeks before the planting event and are emailed to the address used when purchasing.

Can the invitation be sent directly to the recipient?

No. In line with our data handling procedures, all correspondence in relation to Plant a Tree gifts is sent to the purchaser and can be forwarded on to the recipient.

When and where will the planting event be held?

We only plant in The National Forest area, which covers parts of Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

Events are held during the planting season, which runs from November to March, and generally take place on a Saturday morning. The next available planting event is on Saturday 24 November 2018 at Ratby, Leicestershire.

I canít make the planting date, but still want to plant my tree.

No problem. The invitation will contain an option to be invited to the next event Ė simply select this option and return it to us.

What if I am unable to attend those dates?

Providing you let us know, we will transfer you to the invitation list for the next planting season. Alternatively, someone else could come along and plant the tree on your behalf, or we can plant it for you.

What happens at the planting event?

You will be greeted at Reception by members of the National Forest Company (NFC) team. After checking in with them, you will be directed to the planting field where further members of the team await your arrival. After a brief introduction, you will be invited to select your tree and then guided to the planting area. Our team are there to help make your day a memorable one so if you have any questions, please ask!

What type of tree will I be planting?

We plant broadleaf trees that are native to the area, and on our current site are planting hazel, lime, oak, rowan, silver birch and wild cherry. The tree that you choose on the day of the planting will be a 2 year old, 40 to 60cm sapling. This is the size foresters recommend for woodland schemes, as they transplant effectively and establish themselves quickly.

What do I need to bring/wear to the planting?

Good strong footwear (wellingtons/walking boots) is essential and warm/waterproof clothing is recommended. Please bring plenty of energy and a spade, if possible, as we only have a limited number available on site, but please note forks are not allowed for health and safety reasons.

Donít forget your camera, to record the event.

Will I have to dig the hole for the tree/will someone be able to help me plant my tree?

A member of the NFC staff will be there to help you, if required. A family member, friend or a member of the NFC team can plant your tree on your behalf.

Can I mark the tree in some way eg by a tag or plaque, or placing a rock alongside?

No. We encourage you to view the planting of a tree as a symbolic act in itself and do not permit the labelling of trees, installation of plaques or other permanent markers. Once planted, we hope you will consider the tree to be part of a growing woodland, rather than an individual tree. Labels, plaques and other physical markers detract from the appeal of a natural wood and raise issues about who will maintain/remove the labels when they start to look shabby. Everyone who plants a tree receives a personalised certificate.

Is there any formal recognition that I have planted a tree in The National Forest?

A personalised certificate is created by the person purchasing the tree.

Can I bring my own tree grown at home?

No, not to a Plant a Tree event. However we do encourage people to grow trees from seeds and separate planting events are held for this. For further information visit the Grow a tree from seed section of our website where you can download the Seedling Pledge.

Can I scatter the ashes of a loved one at the base of the tree?

This is at the discretion of the site owner. We do ask you to take into consideration the nature of the site, and that other people will be planting at the same time. You must also take into account that permanent markers are not used on the trees even if ashes have been scattered. Please contact us if you would like to do this.

Can I plant flowers or bulbs at the base of my tree?

No. Young trees are weeded in the first 3 years, to allow unhindered growth, and this involves spraying off any vegetation at the base of the tree. Many flower species are also inappropriate to the natural balance of a native woodland.

Can I revisit the wood in the future to see my tree or check on its progress?

Yes, you may visit the site where your tree is planted at any time; the sites chosen for the planting have full, informal public access (please note that some sites may only be open from dawn till dusk).

Why are the trees planted so close and why are the trees planted in rows?

Forest trees are conventionally planted at 2 to 3 metre spacing. This may appear close but it helps to draw the trees up, encouraging straight, upright growth rather than squat, branchy trees. It also means that the trees will soon close together, suppressing the weed growth. Newly planted trees cannot be left to their own devices and are planted in rows to aid with the maintenance programme.

What will happen to the trees after the planting event?

The trees will be maintained as part of an overall maintenance programme for the young wood of which they form a part. For the first 3 to 4 years the trees will be sprayed twice a year to reduce competition from grass and weeds. The grass between the rows of trees will be mown occasionally to keep it under control.

Will the trees ever be cut down?

When the trees are approximately 20 years old some of the trees within the wood will need to be thinned out in order to allow space for those remaining to develop. A wood is a long-lived organic thing, which will constantly change, evolve and develop over the years. The wood itself, as a whole, will continue to be woodland but as mature trees are felled they will be replaced.

What happens if the tree that I planted dies?

We normally expect some losses (maybe 5%) and this is another reason why individual trees are not marked. These will always be replaced the following winter.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to the planting event?

Yes, you may bring your dog with you but it must be kept on a lead and under control at all times Ėparticularly as there will be lots of other people around on the day. Please also ensure you clear up and take away any 'mess'.

What can we do after we've planted our tree?

Why not spend the rest of your day sampling some of the many attractions and sites within The National Forest? Visit to find things to do, places to visit and events in The National Forest to help plan your visit.

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