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What and when we plant

Local Origin Acorn

Your tree will be a 2 year old, 40-60cm little sapling. This is the size foresters recommend for woodland schemes, as they transplant effectively and establish themselves quickly.

We host two events during the planting season between November and March. This is when trees are in a dormant phase allowing them to be moved to their new home in The National Forest.

On the day, after choosing your tree, you will be guided to the planting area. Friends and family are welcome to join you, and many people bring a camera to record this special event.

Examples of Tree Species:


In Britain, oaks can live for over 1000 years. Acorns in their cups are a well known feature of the tree. The Anglo-Saxon name for oak was 'aik', so the seed was known as an 'aik-corn'.

Silver Birch

Silver Birch has white bark. Its twigs are hairless and the leaf edges are double-toothed. The branches droop at the tip which is why its scientific name is pendula or hanging.


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