A message from the National Forest Company

Thank you for visiting this page and your interest in the National Forest Wood Fair.

The Wood Fair has been a wonderful event over the last 11 years but it feels the right time to create a new event that expresses the wider National Forest.

We are excited to announce that we’re developing a new Festival to launch in 2017 that will do exactly that: build on the success of the National Forest Wood Fair and take it forward to celebrate all aspects of life in The National Forest.

The National Forest is now 25 years old and the new, extended Festival will show the Forest in all its glory: the woodlands, the wildlife, the work and the play. Where you can walk and cycle, relax and re-energise, whittle a spoon or learn a skill: where you can express what you want to do in the Forest.

Running over a number of days and different venues, woodland industries and timber products will feature in the new Festival, along with a focus on the arts, attractions and experiences that will bring the Forest to life.

We plan to launch the new Festival in 2017 and will be announcing further details later this year. We will also be attending Leicestershire County Council’s new Countryside Show at Beacon Hill Country Park in August this year, as part of The National Forest’s 25th anniversary.

Please contact us on to register for more information about the new Festival, either as an exhibitor, attender, partner or sponsor.

We hope you’ll be with us to celebrate the Forest in a big way in 2017!