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Experience from various schemes has highlighted a number of "issues to watch" for developers and development control officers when drawing up new Forest gain schemes:-

  • planting in urban areas -care should be taken in urban areas and on the edges of settlements not to plant trees right up to the edges of back gardens/yards. This could obscure residents views over time; create a feeling of tight enclosure; reduce light to the houses; and create possible new areas for unsocial activity.
  • management of buffer strips -where thin strips of woodland are planted close to new developments provision has to be made for access to undertake management works. Avoid 'boxing in' new planting, thereby making it difficult for vehicles to access timber to be thinned or removed from the site at a future date.
  • manpower requirements - local authorities should not underestimate the potential time demands of various officers needing to be involved in the drawing up and implementation of Planning Agreements. There is also a need to monitor the management of sites to ensure that woodlands are being successfully established and maintained. Whilst the necessary technical expertise is generally available for all these activities, manpower needs to be focused upon a case from start to finish. Experience has shown that there are benefits in terms of coordination and continuity if one officer can be dedicated to a case from start to finish.

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