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Laid Hedgerow

Having secured a National Forest scheme it is vital that the developer and local authority agree arrangements for the site's long term management and ownership to ensure that the scheme succeeds following its initial implementation and maintenance phase.

The choice of an appropriate site manager/owner will be dictated by the aims and objectives for the site. It is therefore essential to identify a potential manager/owner from the outset, not to consider it as a final thought once the scheme has been implemented. By involving the manager/owner early it will determine whether a scheme is acceptable to them to take on. It also enables the manager/owner to input to the design, which is crucial to ensure that unnecessary management (and potential endowment) costs are not built into the scheme.

Identified below are a number of bodies who are willing to act as long term site managers together with the circumstances and conditions under which they will take on sites.

The links on the left provide further details of organisations that may take long term ownership of sites.


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