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Lockhart Garratt is a specialist consultancy on trees, woodland and related environmental and land use issues. It has been involved in many new woodland creation and management projects for developers, corporate clients, charities and private owners, across The National Forest.

Lockhart Garratt has experience in managing over 8,000ha of woodland including many Ancient Woodlands and Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The company also has considerable experience with tree issues in the urban environment.

Specialist practitioners include surveyors, foresters and ecologists. Company projects range from one-off consultancy to long-term management arrangements; and small residential scheme to multi-million pound developments.

Lockhart Garratt can offer advice and assistance to developers in the following ways:

  • Design and preparation of landscaping schemes to meet National Forest objectives.
  • Budgeting for scheme implementation and management.
  • Evaluating grant assistance, partnership working and funding opportunities.
  • Providing specialist contract management for implementation work and ongoing maintenance.
  • Negotiation of statutory constraints in relation to trees and woodlands.
  • Preparation of tree and woodland resource evaluations, environmental statement chapters and associated planning documents.
  • Preparing tree related method statements and management schemes in relation to planning obligations and conditions.
  • Negotiation of environmental impact mitigation schemes for development projects to address national and regional policy objectives.
  • Establishing and operating development site Management Companies, an effective alternative to Local Authority adoption.
  • Biodiversity specific management plans that can tie in to Local Biodiversity Action Plan initiatives and also Corporate Social Responsibility type options.
  • Negotiation and facilitation of schemes for transfer of land and S106 obligations to third parties.
  • Working with Minerals & Waste Operators for bespoke landscape design and cost effective woodland restoration within the NF landscape jigsaw.


John Lockhart and Justin Mumford
Lockhart Garratt Ltd
7-8 Melbourne House
Corbygate Business Park
NN17 5JG

Tel: 01536 408840
Fax: 01536 408860


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