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The Forestry Commission are the owners and managers of state forests. They have widespread expertise in multi-purpose woodland management for timber, recreation, access, nature conservation, plus wider social and economic objectives.

The Forest Commission will take on new woodlands under the following circumstances:-

  • Sites will normally need to be at least 30 ha in size. If a site can be managed with other sites within a 20 mile radius this threshold may be less. Sites which the Forestry Commission currently have an interest in are available from
  • Can take over either the freehold ownership of a site or a leasehold. For a leasehold this would normally be for a minimum of 250 years. Happy to take on sites with access requirements.
  • The Forestry Commission (FC) are not eligible for the England Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS). It would be possible therefore for a landowner to obtain a EWGS to undertake planting and retain ownership of a site until the end of the grant period (10 years), and then hand the site to FC to manage under a lease. In these circumstances FC would make their management expertise available to the owner, both in applying for a EWGS and during the grant period. A consultancy fee may be charged for preparing a EWGS, preparing design plans and managing woodlands.
  • The Forestry Commission need to be involved in the design of planting schemes. The planting mix is likely to include broadleaves and conifers.
  • In most circumstances a dowry to pay for the future management will also be required


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