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Tree Health in The National Forest

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The general health of trees can be affected by a variety of factors including climate change, water stress, soil compaction, soil nutrient levels, vandalism, wildlife and insect damage and tree diseases.

Approach to Tree Health

The National Forest Company (NFC) aims to maintain an overview of tree health in the Forest area and to work with the Forestry Commission, Forest Research, forestry agents, woodland owners, other organisations and the public to identify and actively respond to issues that may arise. Key links are with the Forestry Commission and Forest Research who are responsible for national policy, research and management roles in this field.

Please report any sightings of suspected tree diseases to the Forestry Commission at:

Any tree health issues seen with the Forest should also be reported to the NFC. The NFC maintains a record of known tree disease and insect damage occurrences in woodlands in the Forest area.

Please Contact: Charles Robinson at or 01283 551211

For further information, please see the related documents opposite or visit:


Observatree is a project that will establish a new UK tree health early warning system. This will use citizen science collaborating with networks of trained volunteers to collect or analyse data.

Volunteers are trained to carry out tree health surveys, ensure submitted tree health reports are complete and help provide further data if necessary.

For further information, please see: