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Videos and Case Studies

The following video links, case studies and factsheets are provided for your information. The videos present a variety of methods for thinning and extraction as well as information on marking trees for felling and grey squirrel damage. This page will be periodically updated, so please check back for new videos and case studies.

Video Links

Timber Extraction and Processing in The National Forest

Extraction and processing of first thinnings in The National Forest using a Vimek 606TT

Grey Squirrel Bark Stripping

A grey squirrel stripping bark from a young tree causing irreversible damage. This damage will limit the growth potential of the tree.

Coppice Management in Woodland

The Forestry Commission explain how woodland coppice systems work.

Wildlife Benefits of Coppicing

The Forestry Commission explain the wildlife benefits of active coppice management.

Woodland Ride Management

The Forestry Commission explains the principles of ride management.

Mechanised Thinning & Processing

Mechanical harvesting of Ash with a purpose built forestry harvester.

Feller-Buncher Whole Tree Harvesting

Mechanical harvesting with a purpose built feller-buncher machine.

Mechanised Tree Shears

Felling with mechanical tree shears, cutting to length and forwarding.

Making Woodlands Work Grant Funding

Steve Scott, Area Director for the Forestry Commission explains a little about grant funding for forestry businesses and interviews a previous beneficiary of the Rural Development Programme for England.

Case Studies from The National Forest


The National Forest Company has provided links to these videos for information only and is not responsible for their content.