Wood turning, basket ware, bespoke furniture & other crafts.

Fencing, hurdles, gates, rustic poles & hedging binders.

Standing timber & felled timber

Boards, beams & bespoke to order.

Firewood, wood chips & charcoal

Buy & sell woodchip, firewood, processed timber & standing & felled timber

Woodland advice, design & management plans, site surveys, grant applications.

Timber marketing & merchant services.

Timber milling, on-site processing, chipping, firewood processing.

Tree surgery, woodland management, nature conservation habitats & pest control.

Planting, landscaping, fencing & nature conservation.

Training in all areas of woodland management and conservation

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Grown in Britain

Grown in Britain

Britain's woodlands and forests are among our most precious and valuable resources, providing a multitude of benefits to people, the environment and to our economy. If we are to ensure they continue to thrive and develop into the future, we must maximise their potential now. Delivery of this potential rests on the link between woodland management and development and commercial timber production

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