National Forest Woodland Management Awards 2019

These awards are now over for 2019. 

To celebrate the inaugural Forestry Forum, the National Forest Company will be running the Woodland Management Awards for 2019. These awards are unique as they apply exclusively to The National Forest and seek to celebrate the excellent woodland that has been created and managed since its inception. The awards reflect the national Forests goal of delivering a truly sustainable landscape that provides environmental, social and economic benefits.

The award will have four categories covering key aspects of what we are doing in the Forest:


NFC Silva Award                                                              

Woodland showing exemplary silvicultural management, including; developing high timber quality, producing climate resilience, protecting from pest and disease, use of innovative forestry practises and marketing of produce.   


NFC Wildlife Award                                            

Woodland showing excellent wildlife management, including; creating valuable habitats, encouraging important flora/fauna, innovative management techniques, and installing well thought out wildlife infrastructure.


NFC Woodland for the People Award            

Woodland exhibiting superb access and connectivity for people, including; accessible routes for wide range of users, clear and informative interpretation, collaborative working with the community/volunteers and the enhancement of any historic features on the site.


Woodland of the Year

All applicants will be accessed for the Forest of the Year award, which will reward an outstanding project which has excelled in a wide range of criteria.


Applications under each category will be scored against a range of criteria such as quality of silviculture, enhancement of landscape, public access, nature conservation and contribution to woodland economy and judged by a small panel. The award will go to the woodland in each category which demonstrates the highest quality of woodland management in The National Forest.

An Award event will be held at the National Forest Forestry Forum on the 17th September to present prizes to the successful woodland owners or their representatives.

Woodland owners and managers are encouraged to submit their schemes under the Award by end August 2019. An application form is available to download and the timetable is set out below.

July 2019 – launch of Award

July-August 2019 – applications submitted

September 2019 – scoring and judging of applications (including site visits)

17th September 2019 – announcement of winners and presentations

To apply for an Award, please complete the below form.