Farm & Landowners

The National Forest has transformed 200 square miles of the Midlands by planting over 8.5million trees, adding over 7,250 hectares of new woodlands into the landscape. Woodlands provide many benefits from creating a timber resource, new habitats for wildlife, spaces for recreation and wellbeing as well as supporting jobs through their use and management.

Do you own land in the National Forest?

The National Forest Company can offer free and impartial advice on creating new and managing existing woodlands. Work with us to create new habitats, opportunities and a diversified timber resource on your land, and contribute towards the creation of the Forest.

For landowners who already own woodland - we can help to maximise your resource for timber, wildlife and recreation whilst helping to protect it from current and new pests and diseases.

Grant opportunities

Grants are available for both woodland creation and management. Please see our grant opportunities for more information.

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