Partnership Ethical Check

All new partnerships are subject to an ethical check which includes gaining an understanding of your approach to sustainability and reducing your environmental impact.

If you decide you would like to ask to join the National Forest Mycelium, we will ask you to provide information to help make the case for a partnership. Take a look at the check list below to see examples of the kind of information we will need.

  • Copies of environmental or sustainability policies
  • Ethical/ Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) policies or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies
  • Formal certifications such as B Corp Status, ISO 14001, FSC, PEFC and Chain of Custody accreditations.
  • Details of sustainability initiatives you have implemented that reflect how you are doing on your journey towards becoming a more sustainable business.
  • How you work with other charities.
  • Examples of the kinds of marketing messages you would like to use and how you would like to position a partnership with the National Forest to your internal and external audiences.

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