De Montford University

DMU is serious about sustainability and is committed to supporting the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals – global aims which address problems like climate change, poverty and equality.

To further demonstrate their commitment to making a positive environmental impact, the university celebrated all new students arriving in 2019 by planting trees in the National Forest. All new students joining in September also got a 'grow pack', which featured a plant pot, dried soil and seeds to encourage a new generation in engaging with sustainable ways of living.  

Karl Letten, environmental and sustainability officer at DMU, said: “We’ve made some really exciting progress and measures in terms of embedding sustainability within the campus and what we teach our students and with this project we are extending that, going into the wider community to offer a real, physical benefit. By planting these trees we can help to absorb carbon and reduce climate change.”

Going forward, students will have the opportunity to visit the Forest and learn about its development and ongoing management. Meanwhile, the university will work to develop a partnership with the National Forest Company to create research and volunteering opportunities across the area.