Give the Gift of a Greener Future when you Dedicate a Tree

1st Dec 2020
Dedicate A Tree


We may be biased but we think the best things in life are trees! If you do too, you can help us grow the Forest and reach our current target of 9 million trees by dedicating a tree. Whether you want to give a special gift that can be cherished for years to come, dedicate in memory or simply give back to the environment, dedicating a tree in the National Forest is a great thing to do and helps towards creating a greener future.

The National Forest has shown that trees inspire change, and not just for our landscape. By dedicating a tree you will not only be helping to continue to grow the Forest, you will be helping to create the best conditions  for wildlife to thrive, as well as a place people can connect with nature and the outdoors.

Imagine a landscape scarred by centuries of coal mining. Decades ago, this was the reality. A landscape once black is now lush and green. In order to meet the challenges of climate change, our Forest must be resilient and adaptable into the future. We must continue to plant new woodlands, extend other habitats and improve connections so the benefits of the Forest can be felt by everyone - to do this we need you.  By dedicating a tree you will be taking the first step in helping us to tackle these issues and help us to grow a greener future together.

So how do you dedicate a tree? Dedicating a tree online is simple, so simple you won’t even get your hands muddy! We do the planting, you just decide which type of tree you would like us to plant from our selection of saplings including the wise old oak, the magical hazel, or why not light up the canopy with the silver birch? You can see the full range of saplings available here.

Each dedication also comes with a personalised certificate for you to download at home and a guarantee that your tree will be planted in the National Forest.

If you donate today, your tree will be planted during the next available planting season which runs from November to March; orders placed from 1 November 2020 will be planted during the 2021/22 season. We’ll be in touch confirming the location of the young woodland and how to visit, but please note that we do not mark individual trees in any way.

Each tree costs just £15, which covers the cost of not only the tree, but also a contribution to the purchase of the land and the future upkeep and management of the woodland. Your support for the National Forest is invaluable. Help us plant more trees in the National Forest and dedicate a tree here: