Grants and advice

Collaboration is at the heart of success. We want to empower organisations, communities and individuals to join us in shaping a greener, more sustainable future. We have a diverse range of grants and advice available to help support a greener economy, healthier communities and environmental stewardship.


Help grow the future

We offer funding and advice across a range of themes in the National Forest that help us to grow the vision together. From tree planting and woodland management, to tourism and arts, we believe we can cultivate change, one project at a time. 

Tree planting

We work with farmers, estate owners, communities and councils to increase tree planting in the National Forest. We support the creation of woodlands from as little as 0.25 hectares up to landscape scale projects.

Woodland and habitat management

Encouraging woodland regeneration, increasing biodiversity and providing many economic benefits, we support a range of management activity that will benefit woodland and farmland habitats.

Community woodlands and volunteering

We work with many community and volunteer groups across the National Forest, helping to connect them with other like-minded groups and supporting activities, training and mentoring.

Outdoor learning

Providing more opportunities for young people to spend time in nature can benefit their learning, wellbeing, and future growth. We support a range of activity for schools on their outdoor learning journey.

Arts and creativity

Through creative expression we want to encourage new audiences to explore and engage with nature and the Forest, that's why we want to work with arts organisations, creative groups and practitioners.

Sustainable tourism

We want to grow the tourism sector sustainably: providing accessible and inclusive experiences for all. We support and empower local businesses to thrive in harmony with nature, growing with it and seeing the benefits.

Planning and development

We work with local planning authorities and developers to ensure that all new developments in the Forest contribute towards the National Forest vision and include green infrastructure.

Small grants

Some projects may not easily fit into our existing grant schemes but are still bringing about positive change. That's why we've created small grants; for inspiring projects and ideas.
We've been working with the National Forest for 23 years, and they are so easy to deal with.
Peter Burchell, Manor Farm
Check your project location

Before making an enquiry about our grants, please be aware that we only support projects that are based in the National Forest or benefit the communities and people who live within it. If you are not sure if your project is based in or around the National Forest then please view our map. 

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