Tree planting

Tree planting

The National Forest has been created by our farmers, estate owners, communities, and councils. Together we have planted over 9.5 million trees and have transformed over 8,500 hectares of habitat including 2,500 hectares of non-woodland habitat.

Why plant trees?

Planting trees helps to:

  • reduce flooding, improve air, water and soil quality, sequester carbon, and increase biodiversity
  • increase yield on farms through providing cover for grazing animals or new tree crops on less productive land
  • introduce farm diversification opportunities or new finance models such as woodland carbon credits or units for biodiversity net gain
  • improve our landscape, create a sense of place, and provide green spaces for local communities and visitors to enjoy

Available advice 

We offer free and impartial advice on how trees can be included on any landholding of any size, large or small, within the National Forest. We are a friendly and supportive team with expert advisors that can provide personal support and flexibility to adapt to your business or community need.

Apply for funding

Our grant schemes are straightforward and offer funding of up to 100% to cover design, planning, implementation and maintenenace costs (including agent fees).

Activities we fund include:

  • new woodlands from as little as 0.25 hectares up to landscape scale projects
  • silvopastoral agroforestry e.g. planting lines, scattered or clumps of trees to provide grazing wood pasture
  • silvoarable agroforestry e.g. integrating trees in arable or horticultural systems
  • creation and management of other forest habitats such as meadows, wetlands, ponds, hedgerows and parkland trees
  • other necessary infrastructure such as access routes, tracks and roads
  • community engagement and public access, including paths, seating and signage

We will help find the right grant for you.

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Have questions?

If you're not sure yet whether you can apply for our grants or are simply looking for some advice, then feel free to get in touch.

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Find out more about how we are tree planting and creating woodlands in the National Forest. 


Woodland and habitat management

In addition to our tree planting and woodland creation grants, we offer assistance for management of existing woodlands and habitats through our woodland and habitat management grants. 

Manage woodlands

Let's transform this place

If you would like to speak to one of our expert advisors or arrange a call for them to visit your site, then get in touch through our grant enquiry form.

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Not located in the National Forest?

Our Forest creation is supported by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs under the Nature for Climate Fund. If you are interested in tree planting on your land but are not located in the National Forest, there are a range of woodland creation grants available across the UK. To see what national grants are available visit the woodland creation website.

More ways to help

Plant trees

If you're an individual who would like to plant trees, then why not join us at one of our tree planting events or dedicate a tree or grove. 

Become a corporate partner

If you are a business outside the National Forest boundary but would still like to contribute to growing a greener future, then consider becoming a corporate partner.