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Imagine a greener, healthier and more sustainable future

This is our vision for the National Forest; a landscape whose identity is shaped by trees, with happier and healthier communities, thriving wildlife, cleaner air and water, and more sustainable businesses. 

A vision that gives renewed hope for a positive future in the face of climate change. 

With your help, we can continue to grow it together.

Our Forest 
is a greenprint 
for the future

The National Forest is a living, breathing demonstration of sustainability in action. We’re creating a forest environment that is high in nature, promotes positive wellbeing and is home to a low carbon economy. Across our 200 square miles, we are creating real change, in a real place for generations to come. 

Our aims

33% Forest cover

33% Forest cover

Our vision is for 33% of the National Forest landscape to be made up of forest cover, creating a forest as a mosaic of wooded habitats rather than wall to wall trees.
 Accessible natural greenspace for all

Accessible natural greenspace for all

Our vision is for all residents in the National Forest to be within 15 minutes of accessible natural greenspace to improve their health and wellbeing.
Net zero for carbon

Net zero for carbon

Our vision is for the National Forest to be net zero for carbon by 2045; this requires greening the business sector, focusing on low carbon solutions and creating a circular economy.
What we're doing to make this happen

Our strategy is focused on five main themes of creating, managing, inspiring, engaging and growing. 

What we do

It's a greenprint  
for the Nation

Our vision is for the National Forest to act as a model of sustainability that can be replicated, extended and inspire others. This is happening through our national research and development, working with partners to connect and expand woodlands using the Midlands Forest Network and the creation of a new Forest for the Nation with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Midlands Forest Network

We have partnered with the Midlands Engine and the Woodland Trust to develop the Midlands Forest Network. This is a bold initiative working right across the Midlands to create a growing web of connected woodland habitats for people, nature and business.

Forest for the Nation

We are working with Defra to run a multi-million-pound grant funding competition to identify a new Forest for the Nation. The competition was inspired by the achievements of the National Forest and aims to increase woodland cover and connect more people with nature.

Charnwood Forest Landscape Partnership

We host the Charnwood Forest Landscape Partnership scheme which is working to conserve, promote and celebrate this ancient forest. The project aims to create a new Geopark for Charnwood Forest to recognise its internationally important geology.

Latest success stories

This future depends on you

We can’t grow this vision for the Forest on our own. But with the commitment, generosity and support of people like you we can make it happen. 

Become a Forest Champion

You won’t just be supporting us, you’ll become part of our team, growing the future together.

Make a donation

Any donation, big or small, helps towards growing a greener, healthier and more sustainable future.

Plant trees

You can help grow a greener future. From joining a planting event to dedicating a tree, there are many ways to help grow the Forest.

Grants & advice

If you are a landowner, business or community group in the Forest, we have grants and advice available to those who want to help continue to transform this place.