Events in the National Forest

From music festivals to craft fairs, discovery workshops to nature walks, creativity thrives in the Forest. Experience the events that bring the Forest culture to life, and reconnect with nature. 


Recharge under the leaves

Timber invites you to stand up and be counted as we rethink our relationship with trees and forests. Gather with artists, musicians and writers, as they respond and react to the Forest in bold and exhilarating ways.



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Discover more

There’s no better way to fully immerse yourself in the National Forest than through a woodland experience. From Forest bathing and woodland crafts to action-packed adventures.

Stay in the Forest

Why not make the most of your visit with a stay in the National Forest? Surrounded by woodlands you’ll have the many trails, attractions and experiences right on your doorstep.

Let's grow the future

We can’t do this alone; we need your help. Whether you choose to make your own small commitment to the planet or want to get more actively involved, you’re standing up for positive change.

Plant trees

There are many ways to plant trees in the Forest, why not join us for a planting event or dedicate a tree.

Make a donation

Whether you can make a one-off donation or can support monthly, you’re standing up for positive change.

Apply for a grant

We want to bring people together and support those who also want to bring about transformation.