Support the Forest monthly

Become part of the story. Give monthly. 

The National Forest is a living project. It needs ongoing support to flourish, and this takes time and effort. That’s why we need passionate people like you, who want to be part of its story. Who see the benefits of the Forest, and want to help make sure it’s sustainable and here for many years to come. There are many ways to help with the Forest, but by donating monthly you are helping us to fund the important work that makes it happen.

Donation amounts

You can choose to donate £3, £5, £10, or even a self-determined amount per month. Every donation contributes to creating a forest for everyone, here’s just a few ways your donation amount can help.

£3 nurtures a young tree

Help care and protect a young tree from pests and diseases. 

£5 creates a wildlife habitat

Contribute to grasslands, hedgerows and ponds. 

£10 supports a Forest volunteer

Help provide the appropriate equipment and training. 

How to donate monthly

Donating monthly has never been easier. Just select your donation amount from the values below and set up your recurring monthly purchase through our secure checkout. Once completed, you’ll receive a downloadable thank you letter from us and we’ll keep you updated on how your donations are helping.

Our Fundraising Promise

This is your National Forest. It only exists because of passionate people, like you, who are supporting us every day. We are fully committed to ensuring that we are always legal, open, honest and respectful in how we treat you and your donations. So, this is our promise to you.

Our Promise