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The National Forest Way is the famous long-distance walking trail in the National Forest. Its 75 mile length runs between the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire and Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire, meaning that you can walk from one end of the Forest to the other – where you start is up to you. It’s important that each section of the route is kept in good condition, therefore we work with volunteer Rangers and County Council Rights of Way teams to help inspect, maintain and signpost the trail. Becoming a National Forest Ranger means that you become the ‘eyes on the ground’ for the Rights of Way teams, as well as contributing to the health and improvement of our Forest.

What does a Ranger do?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk the whole length of the trail or look after it alone. We split the route into sections and assign one or more rangers to each. Each month you must walk your section, noting down any issues, such as obstructions, broken stiles, overgrown paths, missing waymarkers. Then you report back to us. We’ll then send this information to the Rights of Way teams for action.

Can a Ranger help maintain the route?

Every Ranger has the opportunity to get involved in maintaining the route. We work in partnership with Groundwork, and organise supervised action days where you can come and get your hands dirty. You’ll be helping to install waymark posts, maintaining vegetation and mending stiles. You provide the elbow grease, we provide the tools – and the biscuits!

Why volunteer as a Ranger?

Volunteering your time to be a Ranger could also help improve your skills. We offer opportunities for free training in subjects such as undertaking risk assessments, conservation management and first aid. Becoming a Ranger only costs your time, as we reimburse any travel or other expenses incurred during your duties, and it’s a great way to meet like-minded people. Our action days provide a way to meet with fellow Rangers, and our social events include a ‘Thank you’ lunch once a year.

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