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Make a difference. Support wildlife.

In our fast-paced world of mobile phones and computer games, it can be easy to forget the daily risks and dangers to our wildlife outdoors. With a changing climate and increasing urbanisation it’s never been more important to change our focus to wildlife than it is now. That’s why we’re passionate about working with landowners, organisations and groups to make the Forest a better place for wildlife. But you can make a difference too. Whether you live in the National Forest or live elsewhere, you can still do your bit to make a difference for wildlife.

Plant a Tree for wildlife

Every tree you plant plays a part in supporting wildlife. Our Dedicate a Tree or Plant a Tree with us schemes allow you to contribute to a growing woodland. Each tree will play a part as the woodland matures, providing food and shelter for a wide range of animals while a rich woodland flora develops around its base. Whether you want to plant your tree or you’d like us to plant it for you, you will be making an investment in the future of wildlife.

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Make a home for bats and birds on your home

Woodlands provide lots of roosting and nesting sites for birds and bats, but you can make a home for them too. Just by putting up bat and bird boxes on your house and in your garden, you are providing more places for them to live and increasing the chances of you seeing wildlife up close. There is something truly magical about seeing bats swoop by at dusk or watching birds raise a brood of chicks over a summer.

Make your garden a home for wildlife.

While the woods and fields of our countryside are very important for wildlife, a rich variety of plants and animals are found in our villages, towns and cities too. Whether you live within the National Forest or not, you can create a haven for wildlife in your back garden.

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Help record wildlife

Help us to understand more about the wildlife that makes the Forest its home. If you are a regular wildlife spotter, or just come across something interesting on your travels we are keen to know what you find. Submit your Leicestershire wildlife sightings to the NatureSpot website. Every record you enter helps us to improve and manage our habitats better, to improve the Forest for wildlife.

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Help manage woodlands

Through the creation and management of woodlands, we are creating thousands of hectares of new habitats. It’s not just woodland species that benefit, but also plants and animals that favour open spaces, such as grasslands, heathlands or aquatic habitats. By joining a woodland group or getting involved in our woodlands, you become part of creating a Forest that supports wildlife.

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Support your local Wildlife Trust 

Our local Wildlife Trusts have been an important part of making the National Forest a reality. There are 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK, each of which is working to protect and enhance the natural environment of our urban, rural and coastal areas. By supporting your local Wildlife Trust, you will not only be supporting their important work, but also becoming involved with a thriving group of like-minded people. There is also an opportunity for kids to get involved through the Wildlife Trust's 'Wildlife Watch' groups. If you don’t live in one of the counties within the National Forest, you can find your local Wildlife Trust here.

Operating in the National Forest

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