Get involved in Woodlands

Become a woodlander. Help maintain our woodlands.

Managing our woodlands is what makes our Forest sustainable. We can’t care for our Forest alone, so it’s everyone’s job to make it so that it’s here for many years to come. We need people like you. People who are passionate about gaining the skills and knowledge needed to lead in helping to manage our Forest, ensuring that it is always being well cared for. We support community groups to do just that. Whether you want to manage woodlands for the experience and the economic benefit or are simply looking for an opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing by getting outdoors, here’s how you can help in our woodlands.

Join a woodland group

By joining one of the existing woodland groups in the National Forest, you’ll be contributing to making a sustainable forest for everyone to enjoy. We aim to provide our groups with all the skills they need to maintain and care for their part of the Forest, offering training, resources and advice when needed. You’ll be joining a team of like-minded people and there are many ways to reap the rewards.

Community Woodland Groups

There are lots of community groups across the National Forest who are involved in caring for and managing their local woodland. For a list of opportunities to volunteer in our Forest, download the document below. Every volunteer plays an active role in creating and maintaining our Forest, so that it can be enjoyed by all.

Download the list

Start your own woodland group

If you’re part of a group in the National Forest and we haven’t listed you on our website or you are passionate about starting your own group to care for woodlands in the National Forest, please get in touch. We would like to hear from you and provide help and advice.

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Attend a community woodfuel day

Woodfuel provides a sustainable energy source, whilst also helping to maintain and re-grow our Forest through tree-felling and thinning. Community woodfuel days provided through the Woodfuel Group ‘Heartwood’ give local people the opportunity to help manage woodlands whilst also gathering woodfuel for their own homes. The days provide a space to learn new skills and experience in woodland management, whilst also playing a role in improving woodland wildlife.

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