Farm and landowner grants

A greener future for farming and land management 

For 30 years we have been supporting landowners to help us grow the National Forest, through woodland creation and the introduction of new habitats for wildlife, such as meadows, hedgerows and wetlands. We’ve been supporting the existing forest through forest management, allowing woodlands to flourish and nature to thrive. But our support for landowners goes beyond trees. We believe in supporting British agriculture and driving a greener future through more sustainable practices, producing high-quality products, increasing yields whilst also protecting soils.

We want to create a place to grow together.

Why partner with us?

We offer free and impartial advice on how trees could be included and managed on your farm to provide the most benefit. Our grants schemes are straightforward and offer funding to cover design, planning and up to 100% of implementation costs, with personal support and flexibility to adapt to your business needs and help develop new revenue streams.

Available grant support and advice

Forest creation grants

If you own land in the National Forest, we can offer funding to help create new woodlands and habitats, to support a wide range of developments, including diversification of farms and spaces for recreation and wildlife. We can provide opportunities to work with agricultural businesses, supporting sustainable best practice.


Forest management grants

 If you own a woodland in the National Forest we can support with a variety of land management, to help to improve your timber crop, we can also support agricultural land management to help improve habitats, to support a wider range of wildlife, as well as help to manage pests and diseases and allow your land to thrive.


Why do this?

By working with us, we can help to increase the potential of your land, maximise opportunities for diversification, produce better yields, reduce flooding and soil loss, and increase nutrient recycling. You will in turn be supporting a diversified local economy including agriculture, timber and tourism, whilst contributing towards the creation of the National Forest, leaving a legacy for the benefit of future generations.

Where is the National Forest and am I eligible for support?

Here is a map of the United Kingdom indicating on it, the location of The National Forest, just north west of Birmingham.

The National Forest is right in the heart of the country, covering 200 square miles of the Midlands. Our grants are only available to those located in the National Forest boundary or in special cases, just outside. If you’re not sure if you live within or are close to the Forest boundary, you can view this map here or contact us.  

Stories from farm and landowners

Cattows Farm

Cattows Farm is now a thriving diversified farm and business after taking a leap of faith to plant trees on some of their land and transition from arable farming.

Manor Farm

Peter’s father planted trees across 110 acres of his unproductive farmland. Today, this inspirational decision has led to the creation of a new contracting business and a diversified farm.

Grangewood Farm & Forestry

Grangewood Farm and Forestry was one of the early adopters of tree planting in the National Forest and has since seen incredible benefits for their land.

Register your interest

We believe that sustainability is achievable here in the National Forest, but not everyone can make a significant difference which is why we need passionate landowners to help us create the Forest. If you’re interested in our grant support, please register your interest by completing this form. We will be in touch regarding your enquiry as soon as possible. 


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Not located in the National Forest? 

If you are interested in tree planting on your land but are not located in the National Forest, there are a range of woodland creation grants available across the UK. To see what national grants are available go to: 

Put Down Roots 

Some of our activity is part of the national government-led Nature for Climate Fund and delivered by the National Forest Company. 

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