What we do

What we do

Through leadership, investment and demonstration, we want to empower everyone to help bring the National Forest vision to life. By fostering innovation, championing best practice, and advising on sustainability, we are inspiring a movement for positive change.

Our work themes

Our work focuses on key themes for delivering the National Forest vision, ensuring benefits for nature, people, and businesses, and growing a positive future together. 


We are transforming our landscape, creating new woodlands and bringing trees to urban areas.


We are managing our woodlands and other habitats to improve their condition so that wildlife can thrive.


We are encouraging activities that inspire people about the Forest to increase understanding, enjoyment and use.


We are creating access and providing opportunities where everyone can get more involved to improve wellbeing.


We are developing the green economy, supporting sustainable businesses that are connected to woods and trees.

Latest success stories

How you can help

We can only deliver our work on the ground with the commitment, generosity and support of people like you. Whether you want to make your own small commitment to the planet or get more actively involved, you are supporting positive change. 

Make a donation

Any donation, big or small, helps towards growing the future and means you’re standing up for positive change.

Become a Forest Champion

Help us continue to transform this place into a model for sustainability by becoming a regular donor and joining the team that are making change happen.

Plant trees

You can help grow a greener future. From joining a planting event to dedicating a tree, there are many ways to help grow the Forest.


You can actively help grow and support the Forest on the ground by becoming a volunteer or joining a community group