Increasing the understanding, enjoyment and use of the Forest by communities is essential to its long-term success, encouraging the next generation to care and take action. With individuals becoming more disconnected from nature we can reverse this trend, removing barriers and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to contribute and benefit. This work can harness a new culture and sense of place that is inspired by the Forest, supporting residents and visitors to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

Our long term aims

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schools enjoying regular outdoor learning
How we're inspiring the Forest

We are working with early years, primary and secondary schools to inspire young people through outdoor learning, with grants and advice to train teachers and create outdoor classrooms within school grounds. Our work with cultural, arts and creative groups is increasing participation in outdoor activities, with collaborations, events, grants and commissioning all helping to build a broader supporter base and stronger identity for the Forest.

Grants and advice

What has been achieved so far

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schools enjoying regular outdoor learning

How you can help

There are many ways to help us continue to inspire communities in the National Forest. Whether you make a one-off donation or donate regularly, you are supporting our work. 

Make a donation

Help us continue to support schools and empower arts and creativity here in the Forest by making a donation towards our work. 

Become a Forest Champion

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