Farming & Forestry Grant

Grow your farm, grow our Forest 

In the National Forest, we believe that tree planting can not only sit comfortably alongside farming but can also actively contribute to farm productivity. At a time when the nation is facing twin challenges of climate change and food security, we are keen to demonstrate that farms can contribute towards both. Just like the NFU, we believe that farmers and growers are central to a zero carbon economy. The NFU’s plans for net zero and agriculture has carbon storage through soils, trees and hedgerows as one of its three pillars.  

30 years of transformation and funding innovation

For 30 years, we have worked with farmers to plant areas of less productive land and to create new habitats for wildlife. In many cases, these have allowed farmers to diversify their income through new ventures such as livery, fishing and tourism. But we are now looking to show how tree planting and habitat creation can also increase productivity too.

A farming and forestry grant pilot 

We are piloting a major new grant to demonstrate how a mixture of woodland planting, habitat creation and agroforestry can transform a large landholding without removing it from production. We are looking to partner with a farmer (or group of farmers) to trial innovative approaches to integrating trees, farmland and wildlife as part of an economic model that provides new income streams and enhances existing ones. 

We believe that a more integrated approach to farming and forestry can: 

  • Contribute to national climate change action. 

  • Enhance local wildlife. 

  • Provide additional crops and enhance yields of existing crops. 

  • Increase livestock live weight gains and milk production. 

  • Reduce feed costs and veterinary treatments. 

  • Increase soil retention and health. 

  • Reduce nutrient runoff. 

  • Protect and cool watercourses. 

The Farming & Forestry Grant is a new approach to tree planting that creates a true partnership between the landowner and the National Forest Company. We are seeking expressions of interest for areas of land between 25 and 50 hectares (62 to 124 acres) to be brought into a combination of woodland, agroforestry and wildlife habitats. The grant encourages applicants to be bold and innovative in their approach to integrating trees into their farms. The land can be across more than one ownership but must form a single contiguous block. At least 50% of the land must lie within the boundary of the National Forest. 

If you are shortlisted for a full application, you will be given the support of our officers and an expert agent, if you do not already have access to one. The agents will work with you to design the scheme, complete the application form and, if you are successful, implement the planting and habitat creation. The application process is a simple and straightforward tender approach: you tell us what you want to do, how much it is going to cost and why it presents good value for money.  

If you are interested in applying for the grant, please download the expression of interest form below and follow the guidance. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at or 01283 551211.