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Cattows Farm: trees, people, nature and business can thrive together

Find out how the Ludlam family evolved their dairy farm into a thriving business that includes fruit picking, a farm shop and restaurant, events and a Forest school - all using woodlands as a backdrop.

05 Sep 2023

Cattows Farm is now a thriving diversified farm and business after taking a leap of faith to plant trees on some of their land and transition from arable farming. Now more public-orientated, with a successful farm shop and restaurant, forest school and events all year round, listen as James talks about all the benefits they’ve seen since working with the National Forest.

We are aiming for 33% forest cover in the National Forest to benefit the environment, people, wildlife and business; working with farm and landowners to maximise the benefits of their land, produce high-quality products and support land management.

If you own a farm or land in the National Forest, our grants can help you to create and manage woodlands, maintain habitats such as meadows, wetlands, ponds, parkland and hedges, and diversify your land and business into the future. We can offer free and impartial advice on large and small sites, application is straightforward and up to 100% of costs can be covered. To find out more about our grants and if you’re eligible you can email

So far, we have planted 9 million trees in the National Forest. If you want to part of growing a greener future but don’t own land, you can still support this work by making a donation or helping us create more woodlands by dedicating a tree.

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