Forest Management & Economy grants

Help our Forest to flourish  

If you already own land in the National Forest, management is key to ensuring that your land thrives for years to come. Our forest management grants can help with a variety of management techniques, as well as improve habitats to support a wide range of wildlife and help to manage pests and diseases, to increase the resilience of your woodland, meadows, ponds, parkland and heathland to enable it to adapt to future challenges.  

What are the benefits?


Forest management in the National Forest has helped to create hundreds of woodland and forestry jobs. We partner with and support groups and businesses to reap the benefits of the woodlands, promoting farm diversification into forestry, woodfuel, crafting, woodland skills and more. 


Forest management is a sign of a well-managed land, helping to prolong the life and health of trees, increases biodiversity, helps to tackle pests and diseases and in return maximises resilience to help combat climate change. 



We are creating a Forest for everyone and continuing to manage our woodlands will allow them to thrive and make them more accessible for people, providing places for communities to get closer to nature as well as supporting health and wellbeing. 

Where is the National Forest and am I eligible for support?

Here is a map of the United Kingdom indicating on it, the location of The National Forest, just north west of Birmingham.

We are right at the heart of the country, covering 200 square miles of the Midlands. If you live anywhere within National Forest you could be eligible for support through one of our grant schemes. If you’re not sure if you live with the Forest boundary, you can view this map here or contact us.   

Grants We Offer

Forest Management Grant

We can help with a wide range of land management related activity. This includes management planning, site works primarily focusing on young woodland, managing pests and diseases, woodland management training, and more. These grants also include the creation of new habitats such as ponds, wildflower meadows and hedgerows. 

Woodland Economy Grant

The Woodland Economy Grant supports the development of the woodland economy in the National Forest through targeted investment. Funding is allocated through a competitive tender process that supports projects which achieve the National Forest Company's goals of ensuring future legislative compliance for firewood, increasing the volume and/or value of wood sales.

Sustainable tourism grants

The sustainable tourism grants have been set up to support businesses to grow tourism responsibly and to encourage them to invest wisely to create a greener future for the sector. A range of funding is available to improve access to surrounding woodlands and habitats, strengthen visitor connections, enhance nature experiences and raise aware of the National Forest. 

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We are the Forest, and by working together we can create resilient woodlands that will benefit the economy, society and environment for years to come. If you’re interested in our grant support, we would love to hear from you, please get in touch with us by completing this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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