Stone Group

Investing in the National Forest as part of their mission to encourage UK organisations to dispose of IT assets responsibly and drive positive environmental impact

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Staffordshire-based Stone Group elected the National Forest as its partner to support positive local environmental change, assisting the charity in its mission to prove that nature,society, and the economy can work in harmony so that we all have a positive future. The partnership will simultaneously support Stone in its core value of sustainability and its aim to encourage customers to recycle e-waste and generate donations in support of the National Forest.

Through the Stone 360 app organisations can arrange collection of their ageing or redundant IT equipment to be taken to Stone’s dedicated IT asset disposal (ITAD) facility, where they are securely recycled or refurbished. Users can either cash in the value of their recycled goods or collect points to purchase refurbished or new IT from Stone.

Users of Stone 360 are able to track their contribution to the National Forest through the app. For every 1000 points earned, a tree will be added to their ‘virtual woodland’ and a donation made to the National Forest. The partnership will result in a minimum of 400 trees planted in the National Forest on behalf of customers per annum, with funds donated through collections also put towards its woodland management, education, and community programmes.