Our People

The National Forest Board 

Sir William Worsley 

John Everitt
Chief Executive

Tony Ballance
Chair of Remuneration Committee & Trustee 

Mike Kapur
Chair of Audit and Risk Committee & Trustee

Paddy Harrop
Chair of Land & Forestry Working Group & Trustee

Chris Holmes
Chair of Development Working Group & Trustee

Jack Buckner
Chair of Tourism, Recreation and Communities Working Group &Trustee

Alison Field


The National Forest Team 

John Everitt 
Chief Executive

Louise Insley 
Governance Officer 

The Operations Team 

Louise Driver
Director of Operations 

Sam Lattaway
Head of Landscape, Biodiversity & Recreation

Philip Metcalfe
Green Infrastructure and Planning Officer

Zoe Sewter
Access & Recreation Development Officer
Woodland Communities Advisor

Julie Attard 
Charnwood Forest Development Manager

Helen Smith
Charnwood Forest Finance and Administration Officer

Sue Anderson
Community Engagement Manager 

Caroline Scothern 
Creating a Forest for Learning Project Officer

Richard Drakeley 
Tourism Development Manager 

Jo Maker 
Festival Co-ordinator

Head of Land and Forestry

Simon Greenhouse 
Woodland Officer

Daniel Small 
Woodland Management & Economy Officer

David Garner
Woodland Business Advisor


The Corporate Services Team

Angela Beech
Director of Corporate Services

Katie Thornley
Finance Manager

Lucy Warren
Information Systems Officer

Carla Robinson
Administration Officer - Development

Beverly Fairbrother
Administration Officer - Operations 

The Development Team

David Bourque
Director of Development

Leah Graham
Fundraising & Development Manager

Carol Rowntree Jones
Media Relations Officer

Vicki James
Marketing Officer