Our People

The National Forest Board 

Sir William Worsley 

John Everitt
Chief Executive

Tony Ballance
Chair of Remuneration Committee & Trustee 

Mike Kapur
Chair of Audit and Risk Committee & Trustee

Paddy Harrop
Chair of Land & Forestry Working Group & Trustee

Chris Holmes
Chair of Development Working Group & Trustee

Jack Buckner
Chair of Tourism, Recreation and Communities Working Group &Trustee

Alison Field


The National Forest Team 

John Everitt 
Chief Executive

Louise Insley 
Governance Officer 

The Operations Team 

Director of Operations 

Sam Lattaway
Head of Landscape, Biodiversity & Recreation

Philip Metcalfe
Green Infrastructure and Planning Officer

Zoe Sewter
Access & Recreation Development Officer
Woodland Communities Advisor

Julie Attard 
Charnwood Forest Development Manager

Helen Smith
Charnwood Forest Finance and Adminstration Officer

Sue Anderson
Community Liaison Officer 

Caroline Scothern 
Creating a Forest for Learning Project Officer

Richard Drakeley 
Tourism Development Manager 

Jo Maker 
Festival Co-ordinator

Charles Robinson
Head of Forestry 

Simon Greenhouse 
Woodland Officer

Daniel Small 
Woodland Management & Economy Officer

David Garner
Woodland Business Advisor


The Corporate Services Team

Angela Beech
Director of Corporate Services

Katie Thornley
Finance Manager

Lucy Warren
Information Systems Officer

Rebecca Carter
Business Administration Apprentice

Carla Robinson
Administration Officer - Development

Beverly Fairbrother
Administration Officer - Operations 

The Development Team

David Bourque
Director of Development

Leah Graham
Fundraising & Development Officer 

Carol Rowntree Jones
Media Relations Officer

Vicki James
Marketing Officer