Grant Opportunities

Supporting projects. 

The National Forest Company can offer funding support in many projects that help to create and sustain our Forest. You can view all our grant opportunities here. 

National Forest Arts Grant

The Arts Grants are to support the National Forest creative community to develop and pilot new projects inspired by the National Forest.

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National Forest Management Grant

Advice and funding is available for a wide range of woodland management related activity. This includes management planning, site works primarily focusing on young woodland, managing pests and diseases, woodland management training, and more.

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If you have land that falls within the 200 square miles of the National Forest, the Freewoods Scheme could help you create your own small woodland, less than one hectare in size.

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Forest Society Grants

The Forest Society Grant scheme will fund new ways to support the health and wellbeing of residents and communities within the National Forest, using local woodlands to harness the wellbeing benefits of spending time outdoors.

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Are you looking to create a wood pasture or parkland? The National Forest Company may be able to help. Find out more information on our parkland scheme here.

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Small Grants Fund

The National Forest Company offers small grants to a range of landowners, community groups and other organisations. The grants are designed to provide funds to support projects that contribute to the aims and objectives of the National Forest.

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Sustainable Tourism Grants

The Sustainable Tourism Grants scheme is designed to support tourism businesses to grow tourism responsibly, and to encourage them to invest wisely to create a greener future for the sector.

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Woodland Economy Grant

This scheme supports the development of the woodland economy in the National Forest through targeted investment. Funding is allocated through a competitive tender process that supports projects which achieve the National Forest Companies goals of inc...

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Changing Landscapes Scheme

Our scheme offers a generous level of funding to any landowner for the creation of new woodlands and associated habitats. It is unique to the National Forest and pays 100% of costs for woodland and habitat creation and its management for 10 years.

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Farming & Forestry

At a time when the nation is facing twin challenges of climate change and food security, we are keen to demonstrate that farms can contribute towards both. We have a new farming and forestry grant pilot that is a new, integrated approach to tree planting.

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Start your own community woodland group

If you’re part of a group or you are passionate about starting your own group to care for woodlands in the National Forest, we want to hear from you. We can provide help and advice, as well as funding to get you started.

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