Severn Trent

We are proud to be working with Severn Trent Water on their Great Big Nature Boost – boosting nature across the Severn Trent region. 

Here in the National Forest, it will give us another strand in our work with farmers and landowners, supporting our engagement with schools and carrying out works on our own land to improve habitats for wildlife. The new grant scheme available to landowners will help to ensure weSevern Trent are delivering maximum benefits to biodiversity. 

The programme will run for five years with ambitious targets including the restoration of species-rich grasslands, planting traditional orchards, hedgerow restoration and the creation of new ponds, reedbeds and other wetland habitats. 

By enhancing these habitats, we will support a range of priority and flagship species including bats, barn owls, water voles and the common spotted orchid. These are species that have suffered historic declines but are now returning to the National Forest and are good indicators of the wider health of the habitats and the biodiversity of the Forest. 

For more information on the National Forest Grant Opportunities take a look here.