New grants launched aimed to support health and wellbeing in the National Forest

11th Jun 2021

We’re pleased to announce that we have launched a new grant scheme aimed at supporting the health and wellbeing of those who live in the National Forest. 


Walking Group


Projects supported by the Forest Society grant scheme will encourage new and diverse audiences to get involved with Forest activities, increase participation overall, and will use local woodlands to harness the wellbeing benefits of spending times outdoors and connecting to nature. 

Louise Driver, Operations Director at the NFC, said: “As we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to demonstrate how local woodlands can be a vital part of a green recovery. Over the past year many people discovered the power of connecting to nature through daily walks, listening to birdsong or as a space for reflection and relaxation. We want to demonstrate how local woodlands can be a tonic for our wellbeing, and to encourage people who don’t yet engage with the Forest to get involved and reap these benefits too.” 

We’re inviting applicants to come forward with new and innovative ideas for projects that take inspiration from the National Forest and will improve health and wellbeing and encourage participation, particularly amongst communities that may have been harder hit by Covid-19. It is expected that interest will come from voluntary groups, businesses, community groups, creative organisations, artists, facilitators, charities, social enterprises and CICs. 

Our new 25-year vision is to show that only by working together will nature, society and the economy all thrive, creating a greener and healthier future. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of people having access to natural landscapes and green spaces close to where they live, and the success of the Forest over the last 30 years has meant the creation of hundreds of woodlands near where people live and work. The new Forest Society grant will support people as society emerges from the pandemic, making the most of the opportunities National Forest woodlands offer for health and wellbeing. 

The scheme is open now and the deadline for submission for applications is Tuesday 29 June. Further information and application forms are available here on the National Forest website