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    Mushroom Lane, Albert Village,  Leicestershire, DE11 8EW

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    • Access is unsuitable for wheelchairs
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    National Forest Company


Pick Triangle Wood, at the heart of the National Forest, has seen a huge amount of change in the last few hundred years and the transformation continues. In years gone by, small farmsteads made way for the arrival of coal and clay extraction, only for agriculture and now nature and wildlife to take over again, restoring a landscape re-shaped by the deep pits of the industrial workings. This site, like so many others in the Forest, has seen the complex interplay unfold of society, industry, agriculture, economy and conservation. It has been an ever-changing landscape.

The broadleaved woodland has been established on land dug out for coal and clay extraction (deep mining) and open cast coal mining. Aside from a spoil heap, now colonised by birch, little evidence remains of its mining heritage. However, the site has inherited an interesting topography resulting from its industrial workings onto which young woodland has been planted. The deep mine on the site was 100-metres deep – when the industry was at its height in Victorian Britain, clay pipes made in Swadlincote were exported around the world.  The tram track which took the clay and coal from the mine to nearby Woodville by steam engine is now part of the path network.

Planting started in 2008 but only after substantial ground preparation works were undertaken to re-grade spoil heaps, level ground, remove concrete fence posts and re-balance soil conditions. The site now links up to Woodville Woodlands and is helping contribute to our targets of increasing forest cover and providing a sustainable future for all.


  • Great views
  • Information centre
  • Picnic facilities
  • Walking trails

Advance visit information

  • No car immediately parking adjacent to the site
  • Local bus services

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