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Get involved in the story 

The National Forest is a living place and forest that needs ongoing support to flourish and this takes time and effort. It wouldn’t exist without the passionate people who make it all happen and continue to care for it and share its story. There are many ways to become part of that story. You could be hands-on working with a conservation team, taking part in a community project or simply joining us to plant a tree - however you decide to help, you’ll be investing in something tangible. Because the thing is, it benefits us all. It’s our National Forest. Our backyard, our office, our playground, our Saturday morning run, our weekend cycle, our reconnection back with nature. So get involved in creating what comes next.

Plant a tree

There are many ways to plant a tree in the National Forest, from attending one of our Plant a Tree events, to planting in your garden. Every tree you help to plant, contributes to the environment and the growth of the Forest.

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Make a difference 

The Forest needs continuous and ongoing support to continue to flourish. Whether you want to look after wildlife, give back to your local community, learn a new skill or make new friends, volunteering your time can be a very worthwhile and fulfilling experience. We provide lots of opportunities for volunteers to support their local communities, manage woodlands, and learn about and improve the environment - through ourselves, groups and organisations.


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Be active and healthy

Experience the Forest by getting out in it. The National Forest is your place to enjoy, live, work, visit and play. From miles of footpaths and bridleways, to acres of accessible woodlands, getting out and about in the Forest has never been easier. Join some like-minded groups who are already experiencing the Forest – or maybe start your own.

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Conservation volunteering opportunities in the National Forest